Dance pony dance

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Any ad agency these days would give its’ right arm and leg to be the author of the latest viral video to hit the cybersphere. The mystery of what makes a clip become a phenomenon worldwide must occupy many a marketing meeting, social media strategy plan and will likely soon be a subject for phd study. As with most internet trends, it certainly couldn’t be called an exact science. Wieden + Kennedy are the latest creators of viral brilliance, with the dance pony dance campaign for mobile service 3 – silly stuff, it matters. Cute animals doing funny things to music – guaranteed to win the hearts of consumers the world over. Any tie-ins with current equine controversy aside, it’s good old fashioned moon walking genius. High hooves. #danceponydance


A new dimension in drawing

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The world’s first 3D drawing pen has been launched via the Kickstarter website, and has attracted a large number of backers keen to bring their drawings to life. The pen uses the same plastic as other 3D printers but can draw/print in the air as well as on surfaces. Developed by Boston based company Wobble Works, the pen is as interesting to creative professionals as it is to novelty gadget lovers or art & crafters. See it in action here


“As 3Doodler draws, it extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. This allows you to build an infinite variety of shapes and items with ease! Most people will instantly be able to trace objects on paper, and after only a few hours of practice you will be able to make far more intricate objects.”
There will be no end to the applications for this pen if it works well – from architects to product designers. And art school life drawing classes may never be the same again.

Party people

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Brand sponsorship of established events, especially parties, is such a common occurrence nowadays it’s a big ask for any brand to make their mark. Last week’s after show party for the BAFTAs at the Grosvenor Hotel sponsored by Disaronno was bound to be a success – with a host of big name celebrities fresh from the star studded award ceremony, party frocks a plenty, the Noisettes playing live, the BAFFTA Disaronno cocktail and very artistic nibbles… not bad for a drink that most people wouldn’t have had a clue about. The pièce de résistance was a good old classic photo booth, with lighting and wind machine capable of making the most rough shod party goer look like Hollywood royalty. With photos dispensed on the spot and screened around the party, the installation created a buzz with people queueing for a go… A successful event on the night, with glowing guests all leaving clutching a keepsake and reminder of the brand.


Pop up shoe box

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No strangers to high impact marketing campaigns, Adidas surely get the prize for the best pop-up shop idea ever. The shops take the form of Adidas’ distinctive blue shoe boxes, some even complete with laces protruding from the lid. Used at events and festivals in various locations, news of the shops whereabouts are communicated via social media.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 13.12.15

At pop-ups at two festivals in Spain, creative agency We Choose Fun further enhanced the visitors experience with their camera installation – the Adidas Ghettorama. A series of cameras captured visitors while jumping creating a short film of them suspended in the air which could then be posted to facebook from the shop. Sounds like a fun consumer experience from start to finish.

Le Slip Français

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The ad for underwear start-up by BETC Paris featured in various blogs, seen here is yet another play on the fascination and myth surrounding French sophistication. With a striking resemblance to certain cider ads of last year, the era, colours and style could almost be copied, but any similarity is forgiven entirely with the uncovering of the punchline. French advertising has never generally been a source of humour and any sexual references are usually blatantly obvious – naked women advertising anything from cosmetics to cars, to soap powder. Here’s to successful use of cultural stereotypes and to a very uncharacteristic poking fun at soi-même.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.53.32

Best of British

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The only way anyone in Northern Europe would be unaware of this summer’s British flavour would be if they hadn’t yet emerged from winter hibernation – the summer of 2012 is definitely set to be tinged with red, white and blue of the union jack variety. After the success of the Royal Wedding last year, what better to improve on a theme than the Queen’s diamond jubilee, and the 2012 Olympic games in our very own Laandaan town. You could be forgiven if you’ve already seen enough Olympic and Jubilee spiced ads to last you a lifetime, but the capital and cities across the UK are set to come alive with a host of events and exhibitions that will have us all reaching for a flag to wave.
London last hosted the Olympics in 1948 in an era of austerity and hardship in the aftermath of World War II, and over the last 60 years British design has forged a blazing path. The exhibition ‘British Design – innovation in the modern age’ at the V&A is running throughout the summer, celebrating post war British art & design to the modern day. The exhibition chronicles the return to investment in design in the post war years, through the new freedom of the fifties and sixties, to recent innovations in industry and the home. With a series of events, workshops and presentations running in parallel, it’s great to see that a sports event can instigate investment and showcasing in other areas of British heritage. further details on the V&A website

Part of the scenery

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Travellers, climbers and hikers in the Alps have been able to seek shelter in mountain huts and refuges for centuries, and with the increasing numbers of people heading to the hills for fun many are showing signs of wear. The Gervasutti bivouac hut on the Febroudze glacier on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc Massif has been ingeniously redesigned by Italian architects, LEAPfactory. The ‘Living Ecological Alpine Pod’ – LEAP – is specifically designed for extreme environments. The modules are prefabricated and lifted in place by helicopter. The pod features bunks and storage space cleverly integrated, a stunning view from the completely windowed end panel, and a built-in computer system for essential weather and route information. Powered by photo-voltaic panels, the pod proposes highly sophisticated solutions to problems encountered in remote locations in areas of natural beauty. The LEAP team are also currently developing sustainable solutions to the disposal of human waste in remote locations. From the LEAP site:

‘Its integrated monitoring station provides instant information on the interior comfort and the out-door weather conditions and processes data which can be distributed via the Web. The total electrical requirements are provided by the photovoltaic panels integrated in the outer shell.The exterior colours, easily recognisable at a distance, are an important reference point for mountaineers. The outer textural design is inspired by the shaved straight stitch of mountain pullovers to evoke warmth and comfort.’

It remains to be seen if the pod can be used as a scaleable model for some of the larger refuges, where numbers of visitors and amount of waste are a growing concern for many mountain areas.
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